《6》Korokan (Part.2)

《6》Korokan (Part.2)

《6》Korokan (Part.2)...400 years of history of Korokan


- Korokan was a guest house belonging to the Dazaifu Government Office, where envoys and visitors from the Tang, Song and Silla dynasties, as well as 17 times envoys to the Tang and Silla dynasties, were treated to food, drink and lodging.


- At that time, only government-managed international trade was conducted, and a large number of diplomats and merchants stayed here for many months to engage in diplomatic and trading activities.


- For more than 400 years, from the 7th to the early 12th century, Korokan served as a facility for receiving and accommodating envoys from Tang, Song, and Silla dynasties. /




- 鴻臚館は大宰府政庁に所属する迎賓館で、唐や宋、新羅からの使節や渡来人、そして前後17次に及んだ遣唐使や遣新羅使などが飲食や宿泊のもてなしを受けた施設です。


- 当時は官営の国際貿易のみが行われており、大勢の外交官や商人たちが何カ月にも渡る期間ここに留まり、外交・交易の業務に従事しました。


- 鴻臚館は、7世紀から12世紀初頭までの約400年以上もの間、唐や宋、新羅の使節などを接待・宿泊させる施設として存続してきました。