《53》Saga Journey - Yoshinogari Site (Part.4)

《53》Saga Journey - Yoshinogari Site (Part.4)

《53》Saga Journey - Yoshinogari Site (Part 4)...Yoshinogari Site and the Wakoku War

  - In the aforementioned "Gishiwajinden", there is a description as follows. It is said that in the past, a man was the king of Yamataikoku, but about 70 to 80 years ago, as the Japanese state("Wakoku") were in turmoil and attacked each other for many years, the nations set up a woman to be the king. This is called Himiko. This is a famous passage.

 - The first half is the description of the "Wakoku War" in which the country was in turmoil and the fighting continued for many years, and the second half is the description in which the name of the queen of Wakoku, Himiko, appeared for the first time in history.

 - The headless human bones buried in a jar coffin and the human bones with arrows stuck in them excavated at the Yoshinogari site may be the remains that remind us of the "Wakoku War" before the emergence of the Yamataikoku as described in the "Gishiwajinden". /


 - 前述の「魏志倭人伝」には、次のような記述も見られます。「邪馬台国は、もとは男子を王としたが、70〜80年ほど前、倭国が乱れ何年も互いに攻め合ったので、諸国は共にひとりの女子を立てて王とした。これを卑弥呼という。」という有名な箇所です。

 - 前半部は倭国が乱れ何年も争乱が続いたという「倭国大乱」の記述、後半部は歴史上初めて「卑弥呼」という倭国の女王の名が登場した記述箇所です。

 - 吉野ヶ里遺跡で発掘された甕棺の中に埋葬された首のない人骨や、矢が刺さった人骨は、「魏志倭人伝」が描く耶馬台国出現前の「倭国大乱」を彷彿とさせる遺跡ではないかとも考えられます。