《75》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 10)

《75》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 10)

《75》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 10)… The Kumano and Noh of Hakata Dolls (First Half)


- Kumano is a famous Noh play based on the episode of Taira no Munemori and his beloved concubine Kumano, which is told in the tenth volume of the Tale of the Heike. Along with "Matsukaze", it has been familiar to people since ancient times, and has been praised as so interesting that people never get tired of seeing it again and again, so much so that it is said, "Kumano Matsukaze is Komenomeshi(something one never grows tired of)".


- Kumano (Yuya), born in the country of Totomi (present-day Shizuoka Prefecture), is in the capital of Kyoto, serving under Taira no Munemori of the Heike clan, the most powerful clan of the time. Her mother's condition is not good, and she requests leave to return to her hometown, but Munemori refuses to accept her request.


 - In her letter, she wrote that her mother's condition was not good and that she wished to see her even if only for a moment before parting with her life. She read the letter to Munemori and earnestly asked for his permission to return home. However, Munemori, instead of allowing her to return, orders her to accompany him to Kiyomizu-dera Temple to view the cherry blossoms. /




- 熊野というこの能は、平家物語の巻十に語られた平宗盛(たいらのむねもり)と愛妾熊野のエピソードを題材にした有名な能の一曲です。「松風」と並び昔から人々に親しまれ、「熊野松風は米の飯」と言われるほど、何度見ても飽きない面白さが称えられてきました。

- 遠江の国(現在の静岡県)の生まれの熊野(ゆや)は京の都で、今を時めく平家の平宗盛に仕えています。このところ故郷の母の病状が思わしくないため故郷に帰りたいと、休暇を願い出ますが宗盛は聞き入れません。

- 母の手紙には病状が思わしくなく、今生の別れが来る前に一目でも会いたいという切々とした母の願いがしたためられていました。その文を宗盛に読み聞かせ、帰郷の許しを一心に願います。しかし宗盛は、許すどころか清水寺の花見に同行するように命じます。