《56》Saga Journey - Hagakure (Part 1)

《56》Saga Journey - Hagakure (Part 1)

《56》Saga Journey - Hagakure (Part 1)...A bible that teaches the spirit of bushido

 - After the death of Nabeshima Mitsushige, the feudal lord of Saga, Yamamoto Tsunetomo had retired to Kurotsuchibaru ( Kinryu-machi, Saga City) at the foot of Kinryu Mountain. One day, he was visited by a young clan member, Tashiro Tsuramoto, who had been working as Yuhitsu(the duty of Yuhitsu is to write texts in someone's place) for another clan lord, Mitsushige.

 - From then on, Tsuramoto frequented Tsunetomo's hermitage, and it took him seven years to compile a collection of Tsunetomo's talks. This was around 1710, the middle of the Edo period.

- This is the famous 11-volume "Hagakure" , a great book that explains the spirit of bushido. Officially, it is called "Hagakure Kikigaki". This book is also called "Hizen Rongo", and it has become the bible of the samurai. /


 - 佐賀藩主鍋島光茂の御側役として仕えていた山本常朝は、藩主の死後、金立山麓の黒土原(佐賀市金立町)に閑居していました。ある日、そこへ同じ藩主光茂の祐筆役(代筆係)を勤めていた若い藩士田代陣基が訪れたのでした。

 - それ以来、陣基は常朝の草庵に足しげく通い、7年がかりでついに常朝の談話をまとめあげました。江戸時代の中期、1710年頃のことです。

 - これが武士道精神を説いた全11巻の「葉隠」という有名な大著です。正式には「葉隠聞書(はがくれききがき)」といいます。本書は「肥前論語」とも呼ばれ、いわば武士たる者の拠りどころ、座右の書(バイブル)ともなったものです。