《46》Saga Journey - Yutoku Inari Shrine (Part 1)

《46》Saga Journey - Yutoku Inari Shrine (Part 1)

《46》Saga Journey - Yutoku Inari Shrine (Part 1)... The journey continues from Hakata to Saga

 - So far I have written about Hakata, starting from Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine to medieval Hakata, all of which are related to Hakata (46 in total), but from today I will change the topic to a historical travelogue of neighboring Saga Prefecture. (After that, I will return to the historical walk of modern and contemporary Hakata.)

 - Hakata, which has been around since ancient times, refers to a port city facing Hakata Bay in what is now Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, in Chikuzen Province, located in northern Kyushu.

 - Saga Prefecture, on the other hand, is located in the northwestern part of Kyushu, bordered by the Genkai Sea to the north and the Ariake Sea to the south, and has a mild climate with Fukuoka Prefecture to the east and Nagasaki Prefecture to the west.

 - There are many ancient ruins, and the Nabatake Ruins (Karatsu City), which attracted attention as the remains of rice cultivation in the late Jomon Period, and the Yoshinogari Ruins (Kanzaki City), known for the ruins of a large-scale moat encircling settlement in the Yayoi Period, are particularly famous. /


 - これまで太宰府天満宮から始めて中世博多まで綴ってきた本ブログ記事は、すべて博多に関わるもの(合計46本)でしたが、今日からしばらくはお隣の佐賀県の歴史紀行へと話題を変えてみます。(それが終われば再び近現代の博多の歴史散歩に戻る予定です。)

 - そもそも古代から連綿と続く博多とは、九州北部に位置する筑前国、現在の福岡県福岡市の博多湾に面した港湾都市を指します。

 - 一方、佐賀県は九州北西部に位置し、北に玄界灘、南に有明海という二つの海に接しており、東に福岡県、西に長崎県と隣接する気候温暖な土地です。

- 古代の遺跡も多く、縄文時代晩期の稲作遺構として注目を集めた菜畑遺跡(唐津市)や、弥生時代の大規模な環濠集落跡で知られる吉野ヶ里遺跡(神埼市)などは特に有名です。