《17》Hakozaki Shrine's Hojoe ( Part 3 )

《17》Hakozaki Shrine's Hojoe ( Part 3 )

《17》Hakozaki Shrine's Hojoe ( Part 3 )... Splendid "Goshinko" ( a portable shrine parade )

- Every two years, there is a " Goshinko " (mikoshi parade) at Hakozaki Shrine's Hojoe. About 500 Ujiko (shrine parishioners) participate in the parade mainly with three mikoshi.
The " Okudari" ( meaning "going parade") procession is held on September 12, leaving the shrine at 6:00 p.m., going around the towns where the Ujiko live, and arriving at Tongu by the beach approach around 10:00 p.m.

- The "Onobori" ( meaning " coming back parade") starts at 7:00 p.m. on the 14th and follows the opposite course of the "Okudari". The highlight of the procession is the mysterious "rushing in" at the end.

- The men, who had been walking solemnly in the procession until then, stop at the last 200 meters or so, take off their jackets, and start running with all their might, carrying their respective tools. The sudden change from stillness to movement and the dynamic movement of the men is a sight to behold. /


- 筥崎宮の放生会では2年に1度、「御神幸」(みこし行列)を執り行う年があります。3基のみこしを中心に約500人の氏子が参加します。12日が「お下り」(行きの行列)で、お宮を午後6時に出て氏子の住む町々を回り、夜10時ごろ浜辺の参道脇にある頓宮へたどり着きます。

- 「お上り」(帰りの行列)は14日の午後7時から「お下り」の逆のコースを進みます。豪華な時代絵巻が楽しめる御神幸ですが、特に見どころは最後の「駆け込み」という不思議な行動様式です。

- それまでは厳かな歩みで行列していた男衆が、最後の200mほどの地点で立ち止まり、上着を脱いでそれぞれの道具を持ったまま力いっぱい走りだします。静から動へと急変する様子と躍動感に満ちたうごきが圧巻といえます。