《67》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 2)

《67》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 2)

《67》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 2)...Traditional Crafts Representing Hakata

- Hakata dolls are a traditional craft representing Hakata. The traditional beauty and craftsmanship that have been passed down from generation to generation over the years continue to fascinate people today.

- The decorations for the decorative Yamakasa and Kaki-Yamakasa floats of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival are made by Hakata doll makers. The elegant and gorgeous female statues, dynamic warrior dolls, and other Yamakasa decorations delight the eyes of many people every year.

- Did you know that Hakata dolls are displayed in the U.S. White House and were presented to President Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union and former French President Jacques Chirac? Hakata dolls have crossed oceans to share the beauty of Japan with the world./


- 博多人形は博多を代表する伝統工芸品です。長い年月、脈々と受け継がれてきた伝承美や匠の技が、今も人々を魅了してやみません。

 - 「博多祇園山笠」の飾り山笠や舁き山笠の飾りは、博多人形師によって制作されています。優美で華やかな女人像や躍動感あふれる武者人形など、山笠の飾りが毎年多くの人々の目を楽しませてくれています。

 - あなたは米国ホワイトハウスに博多人形が飾られ、旧ソ連のゴルバチョフ大統領やフランスのシラク元大統領にも博多人形が贈られたことをご存じですか。博多人形は海を渡り、日本の美を世界に伝えています。