《65》Saga Journey - Ureshino Onsen (Part 4)

《65》Saga Journey - Ureshino Onsen (Part 4)

《65》Saga Journey - Ureshino Onsen (Part 4)...Takeo Onsen right next to Ureshino Onsen is also famous


- In the town right next to Ureshino Onsen (Takeo City, Saga Prefecture), there is Takeo Onsen ("Takeo Hot Spring"). Like Ureshino, this Takeo is also a famous hot spring whose name appears in "Hizennokunifudoki" compiled in the early Nara period (710-794). The book says, "To the west of the county, there is a rock from which a hot spring emerges. The bank of a river is so steep that it is rarely seen by humans”. 

 - There is also a legend about Empress Jingu, who appears in the aforementioned "Kiki". After returning triumphantly from the Silla expedition and giving birth to Emperor Ojin, Empress Jingu was recovering from childbirth in Chikuzen. One night, God appeared in her dream and told her, " Three days' journey west from here, among the rocks, there is a hot spring. If you bathe in it, you will recover quickly”.

 - The Empress immediately headed west, found a hot spring, and enjoyed a hot-spring cure. This hot spring is said to have been Takeo Onsen. Takeo is also home to the Takeo Shrine's camphor big tree, which is said to be over 3,000 years old. What a place full of ancient myths Saga Prefecture is! / 



- 嬉野温泉のすぐ隣の街(佐賀県武雄市)には武雄温泉があります。嬉野と同じく、この武雄も奈良時代初期に編纂された「肥前国風土記」にその名が登場する有名な温泉です。同書には「郡の西に温泉の出づる巌あり。岸嶮しくて人跡まれにいたる」と記されています。


- また、前述の「記紀」に登場する神功皇后にまつわる伝説もあります。新羅遠征から凱旋し、応神天皇を産んだ神功皇后は、筑前で産後の養生をしていました。ある夜、夢枕に「ここから三日行程の西の方に、温泉の出る岩間がある。これに入浴すれば回復も早いだろう。」と、神のお告げがありました。


- 皇后はさっそく西に向かい、温泉を見つけて湯治を楽しんだそうです。この温泉が武雄温泉であったと言われているのです。また、武雄には樹齢3,000年以上といわれている武雄神社の大楠の木があります。佐賀県はなんと古代神話にあふれたところでしょうか。