《12》Hakata Dontaku Port Festival (Part 1)

《12》Hakata Dontaku Port Festival (Part 1)

《12》Hakata Dontaku Port Festival (Part 1)...Hakata's representative spring festival

- The Hakata Dontaku Port Festival is one of the most popular spring festivals in Hakata, attracting about 2.4 million people (in front of the Corona disaster site) during the Golden Week period of May 3 and 4.

- Every year, "Dontaku teams" of various styles parade through the streets, and in Hakata, the main stage and performance stands are set up in various places, and the city is covered with the colors of the festival.

- In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of foreign participants and foreign groups, and in contrast, Fukuoka's proximity to the continent has given the festival a rich international flavor, with Hakata Dontaku traveling to festivals held overseas. (About 700 groups and more than 30,000 people participate in the festival.)


- 5月3日、4日の2日間に約240万人(コロナ禍前)と、ゴールデンウィーク期間中では日本一の人出を誇る「博多どんたく港まつり」は、博多を代表する春祭りです。

- 毎年さまざまな趣向を凝らした「どんたく隊」が街をパレードし、博多の街では本舞台と演舞台が各所に設けられ、街は祭り一色に染まります。

- 近年では海外からの参加や外国人グループも増え、反対に海外で開催される祭りに「博多どんたく」が遠征するなど、大陸に近い福岡らしく国際色も豊かな祭りです。(参加団体は約700、約3万人以上が参加)