《8》Hakata Gion Yamakasa (Part.1)

《8》Hakata Gion Yamakasa (Part.1)

《8》Hakata Gion Yamakasa (Part.1)... Hakata's representative summer festival


- In the next few articles, I will introduce some of the traditional festivals of Hakata. Hakata Gion Yamakasa, with its 780 years of history and tradition, is one of the most famous festivals in Hakata.


- The Yamakasa is a summer festival dedicated to Kushida Shinto (Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City), the local deity of Hakata, and is known throughout Japan for its bravery. (The crowd in front of the Corona disaster is about 3 million people.)


- Every year in July, the city of Hakata is covered in Yamakasa. (The festival is held from July 1 to 15 every year.) The men (called Hakatakko) continue their passionate days until the climax of the festival, the "Oiyama" in the early morning of July 15. /




- これからしばらく幾つかの記事で、博多の伝統的な祭りを紹介します。約780年にわたる歴史と伝統を誇る「博多祇園山笠」は、博多を代表する祭りのひとつです。


- 山笠は、博多の氏神様である櫛田神杜(福岡市博多区)に奉納される夏祭りであり、とりわけその祭りの勇壮さで全国に知られています。(コロナ禍前の人出は約300万人)


- 毎年7月になると博多の町は山笠一色に染まります。(開催期間は毎年7月1日から15日まで)クライマックスの15日未明の「迫い山」まで男たち(博多っ子と呼ぶ)の熱い日々が続きます。