《16》Hakozaki Shrine's Hojoe (Part.2)

《16》Hakozaki Shrine's Hojoe (Part.2)

《16》Hokozaki Shrine's Hojoe (Part.2)...Hojoe as a Shinto ritual

- Born from the Buddhist precept of "Do not kill living things unnecessarily", the Hojoe is literally a ritual to release living things and make offerings to them.

- The ceremony started at Usa Hachiman Shrine (Usa City, Oita Prefecture) in 720 to comfort the souls of the dead from the battle between the Yamato Imperial Court and Hayato, which took place in Southern Kyushu, and eventually spread nationwide.

- It is recorded that the Hojoe started at Hakozaki Shrine in 919, which means that the festival has been held for over a thousand years. At Hakozaki Shrine, on the last day of the festival, September 18, at 3:00 p.m., there is a ceremony to release pigeons and carp. This is the most important ceremony of the Hojoe. /


- 仏教の殺生戒(生き物をむやみに殺してはならないという教え)から生まれた放生会は、文字通り生き物を放ち供養する儀式(神事)です。

- 720年に南九州で起こった大和朝廷と隼人の戦いによる死者の霊を慰めるために宇佐八幡宮(大分県宇佐市)で始まり、やがて全国に広まったといわれています。

- 筥崎宮においては919 年 に始まったという記録が残っていますので、千年以上も昔から行われていたことになります。筥崎宮では祭りの最終日の9月18日の午後3時にハトとコイを放つ儀式が行われます。これが放生会の最も大切な儀式です。