《36》Medieval Hakata - The Battle of Tatarahama (Part 4)

《36》Medieval Hakata - The Battle of Tatarahama (Part 4)

《36》Medieval Hakata - The Battle of Tatarahama (Part 4)...The Battle of Tatarahama and the Crisis of Hakata


- A little further back, in 1333, when Shoni Yorinao (the governor of Hizen Province) destroyed Hojo Hidetoki, who was the Chinzeitandai governor of Hakata, we can assume that the urban area in the middle of Hakata was likely to have been turned into a battlefield.


- However, after the battle of Tatarahama, Ashikaga Takauji is said to have stayed in Dazaifu for a month. It is thought that he took care that the rebuilt city of Hakata would not be exposed to the fires of war. Therefore, in my opinion, there was no devastating effect on Hakata.


- It is not widely known, but medieval Hakata and Ashikaga Takauji had an unexpected connection, and the medieval Hakata area was related to the big stage of the opening of the Muromachi period. 


*The photo shows Taihaku Street running through the center of Hakata.




- 少しさかのぼりますが、小弐頼尚(肥前国の守護職)が博多の鎮西探題であった北条英時を滅ぼした1333年の時には、博多のど真ん中の市街地が戦場と化した可能性が高かったと推測されます。


- しかし多々良浜の合戦の後、足利尊氏は大宰府に一ヶ月滞在したと言われています。再建後の博多の市街地が戦火の及ばぬように配慮したとも考えられます。このことから、私見では、多々良浜の合戦の際は博多に壊滅的な影響はなかったと思われます。


- 一般にはあまり知られていないことですが、中世博多と足利尊氏には意外な接点(ご縁)があり、室町時代の幕開けという大舞台に中世博多の地が関わったことがあったのです。