《69》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 4)

《69》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 4)

《69》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 4)…Characteristics and types of Hakata dolls

 - Hakata dolls are unique in their meticulous carving and subdued coloring. Each dollmaker's skill is expressed in the facial features of the dolls. The face of a unglazed doll has a unique character that is expressed when the artist puts the soul into the doll by applying brush strokes to the eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

 - Hakata dolls, which are called the ultimate in unglazed dolls, are categorized into Beauty dolls, Samurai dolls, Kabuki dolls, Noh dolls, Children dolls, Modern dolls, and so on. The most representative of these are the Beauty dolls, whose breathtaking elegance and gorgeousness attracts the attention of the people around them.

 - Other popular types of dolls include samurai dolls that express the bravery of the Kuroda Bushi(warriors), Kabuki dolls that show the splendor of Kabuki, and Children dolls that convey the warmth and warmth of Hakata dolls. /



- 博多人形は、きめ細かい彫りや落ち着いた色合いが独特の持ち味となっています。人形師それぞれの技が現れるのが顔つき(面相)です。素焼きの人形に目、眉、唇と筆を入れながら、人形に魂を入れていくのですが、そのときに人形師独特の個性が現れます。

 - 素焼き人形の極致と称される博多人形は、美人物、武者物、歌舞伎物、能物、童物、現代物などに分類されます。中でもその代表格は美人物で、息をのむような優美さや華やかさが周囲の目を引きます。

 - そのほか、黒田武士の勇壮さを表現した武者物、歌舞伎の絢爛豪華な姿をみせる歌舞伎物、博多人形のぬくもりやあたたかさが伝わる童物などが人気です。