《76》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 11)

《76》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 11)

《76》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 11)… The Kumano and Noh of Hakata Dolls (Latter Half)

- In the midst of springtime, Kumano's heart tends to sink with concern for his mother, even though he sees the people of the capital enjoying themselves in the midst of springtime. While performing a dance at a sake banquet, a sudden shower came and scattered the flowers. Kumano, seeing this, read out a waka poem in remembrance of his mother.

- The poem reached the stubborn Munemori's heart, and he was finally allowed to return home. Kumano hurriedly left Kyoto, hoping that Munemori would not change his mind. This is the content of the story.

- What is most appealing about this Noh play is the way it highlights the light and shadow of the bright spring scene and Kumano's dark and somber mind, giving depth to the story. The Hakata ningyo dolls that formed Kumano represent the mysterious "world of the Yugen" of the Middle Ages. /


- 春爛漫の中、楽しげな都の人々の様子を見ても、熊野の心は母への気遣いで沈みがちです。酒宴で舞を舞っていると急に時雨が来て、花を散らしてしまいました。これを見た熊野は、母を思う和歌を一首読み上げました。

- その歌はかたくなな宗盛の心に届き、ようやく帰郷が許されます。熊野は、宗盛が心変わりしないうちにと急いで京を発ちました。以上が話の内容です。

- この能の最大の魅力は、明るい春の情景と熊野の暗く沈む心象風景という光と影を際立たせて、物語に深みを与えているところではないでしょうか。このような熊野を造形化した博多人形のたたずまいは、いかにも神秘的な中世の「幽玄の世界」を表しています。