《61》Saga Journey - Arita-yaki (Part 3)

《61》Saga Journey - Arita-yaki (Part 3)

《61》Saga Journey - Arita-yaki (Part 3)...About the Arita Pottery Market

  - The Arita Pottery Market, held in the pottery town of Arita, which was established about 400 years ago, is one of the biggest events in Saga Prefecture, and is held every year from the end of April to May during the major holidays.

 - During the festival, about 550 shops are lined up along the road from Kamiarita Station (JR Sasebo Line) to Arita Station, attracting about 10 million shoppers and tourists every year.

 - In the Meiji era (1868-1912), the first "Kurazarae Grand Sale" was held in 1896. Since around 1922, the name of the market has been changed to "Pottery Market" and has since developed into what it is today. Since 2005, the "Autumn Arita Pottery Festival" has been held in anticipation of tourists visiting the area to see the autumn leaves. /


 - 創業から約400年、焼き物の町有田で開催される「有田陶器市」は、毎年4月末から5月の大型連休の期間に行われる佐賀県最大のイベントのひとつです。

 - 開催期間中は上有田駅(JR佐世保線)から有田駅までの道路沿いに約550軒の店舗が立ち並び、毎年約100万人の買い物客、観光客が訪れます。

- その歴史は、明治時代の1896年に開かれた「蔵ざらえ大売出し」が始まりです。1922年頃から名称も陶器市となり、その後、現在のように発展しました。2005年からは、紅葉見物の行楽客を見込んで「秋の有田陶磁器まつり」も開催されるようになりました。