《60》Saga Journey - Arita-yaki (Part 2)

《60》Saga Journey - Arita-yaki (Part 2)

《60》Saga Journey - Arita-yaki (Part 2)...Kakiemon's Akae Painting

 - In 1646, Sakaida Kakiemon was the first to succeed in the technique of "Akae" painting in Arita. Akae refers to porcelain with red as the main color and painted over with green, yellow, indigo, and other colors.

 - When the production of porcelain began to flourish in Arita, the Saga clan set up the Sarayama deputy governor and placed the various Sarayama (porcelain manufacturing areas with ascending kilns) under their control. In addition, the clan implemented policies to protect specialized craftsmen such as potters.

 - On the other hand, the Saga clan founded the "Nabeshima Hanyo" ("Nabeshima Domain Kiln") and established a strict registration system to prevent the outflow of Akae painting techniques.

 - Under the registration system, registered Akae painters were required to live in the same area and strictly adhere to the "one-child transmission" (the secret transmission of a master's technique to only one child). This area was in the Akae town of Arita. /


- 1646年、有田の地では酒井田柿右衛門が「赤絵」の技法に初めて成功しました。赤絵とは、赤色を主調にして緑・黄・藍などで上絵付した焼き物を指します。

  - 有田で磁器の生産が盛んになると、佐賀藩では皿山代官を設置し、各地の皿山(登窯のある磁器製造地)を統制下に置きました。加えて陶工ら専門職人の保護政策も行いました。

  - 一方、佐賀藩は御用窯「鍋島藩窯」を造り、また、赤絵付けの技法の流出防止のため厳しい登録制度を設けました。

- その登録制度の下で、登録赤絵屋を同一地域に居住させ「一子相伝(匠の技術を自分の子供ひとりにだけ秘密に伝えること)」を厳守させました。その居住地は有田の赤絵町にありました。