Select Kyushu's finest traditional crafts.

We deliver handmade, once-in-a-lifetime masterpieces to the world from here in Kyushu.

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About Hakata Dolls, Traditional handicrafts

The beauty of tradition passed down from generation to generation.
Hakata dolls designated as traditional crafts.

Hakata Doll


About Kuzakura Yayoi

The store sells famous products from Kyushu, which are backed by beautiful nature and traditional crafts. Kyushu, which is the closest to China in the Japanese archipelago, has historically developed as a gateway to the continent. The Korokan under the jurisdiction of Dazaifu was a facility established in the Heian period for diplomacy and overseas trade, and the medieval town of Hakata have flourished as Japan's window to international trade since ancient times. Kuzakura Yayoi is a store of Hakata merchants revived in the modern age.

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Product concept

We have carefully selected the superior products of Kyushu. The common theme of the product lineup is tradition and Nagomi. The common denominator of the high-quality products we will handle in the future, including porcelains, is the "spirit of harmony". Luxury and high quality are the key points of our products. We try to provide safe and reliable products.

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About Custom Made of Porcelain

We create one-of-a-kind custom-made wares according to customers' budgets and requests.

We work with craftsmen from traditional kilns to purchase and develop products according to the situation.

From wedding gifts, something to use in restaurants, cafes, and hotels, please feel free to contact us with your quantity and budget.

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- Let's know more about Kyushu -

We started a blog focusing on the history of Kyushu under the theme "Let's know more about Kyushu". We hope you enjoy reading it.

  • Packing and shipping with the utmost care

    Packing and shipping with the utmost care

    - We strive to pack and ship our products with the utmost care.
    - Our staff members specializing in packing and shipping carefully pack each order and deliver it to the customer's door safely and securely.
    - Please note that we handle ceramics and Hakata dolls differently, so please check the packing and shipping information at the bottom of each product page for details.

  • For Business

    For Business

    We are looking for a wide range of corporate transactions such as wholesale sales. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. The sales representative will contact you by phone or email.

    For details, please see the page of For Business.