《90》Early Modern Hakata and Twin Cities (Part 1)

《90》Early Modern Hakata and Twin Cities (Part 1)

《90》Early Modern Hakata and Twin Cities (Part 1)...The Formation of Fukuoka Castle and Castle Town (First Half)

 -From today, we will begin a walk through the history of early modern Hakata (Edo period), when the originally one city became a twin city. Early modern Hakata began to take off in earnest with the creation of a lively castle town under the rule of Kuroda 520,000 goku. That which is located at the center of the city is Fukuoka Castle.

 - Today, Fukuoka Castle is only a remnant of the castle in the form of turrets, moats, and stonewalls in Maizuru Park, which is famous for its cherry blossoms. However, various strategies were hidden in the development of the city around this castle.

 - One of them is that it was an impregnable castle built over a period of seven years from 1601 by Kuroda Josui and his son Nagamasa, who received Chikuzen as a result of their achievements in the Battle of Sekigahara. The castle was so ingenious and ingenious that Kato Kiyomasa, a master castle builder, was impressed by its structure, saying, "This castle is ten times more solid than our Kumamoto Castle". It is said that the castle was so practical and pragmatic that it did not even have a castle tower.

*The photo shows the castle ruins of the Ote-mon Gate, the entrance to Fukuoka Castle. /



- 今日からは、もともとひとつであった博多が双子都市となった近世博多(江戸時代)の歴史散歩を始めてみます。近世博多は、黒田五十ニ万石の活気あふれる城下町のまちづくりから本格的にスタートします。その中心に位置するものが福岡城です。

- 福岡城は、今では桜の名所である舞鶴公園として、櫓や堀、石垣などに城郭の名残をとどめているにすぎません。しかし、この城を中心としたまちづくりには、さまざまな戦略が隠されていました。

- その一つは、関ヶ原の戦の功績により筑前を拝領した黒田如水・長政親子が1601年から7年もの歳月をかけて築いた難攻不落の城であったことです。城づくりの名人であった加藤清正に「わが熊本城よりも10倍も堅固だ」と感嘆させたほど、創意工夫に満ちた城構えでした。実戦的で実利本位に徹したため、天守閣も作らなかったといいます。