《66》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 1)

《66》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 1)

《66》Rediscussion of Hakata Dolls (Part 1)... Restarting of this blog and rediscussion of Hakata dolls

 - We have suspended our blog for a while, but we have decided to take this opportunity to restart this blog as we are going to newly deal in Hakata dolls in our store.

 - At the end of last year, we introduced Hakata dolls as a representative craft of Kyushu in this blog, and from today onwards, we will rediscuss the history and current status of Hakata dolls for a while./



- しばらくブログを中断しておりましたが、当店で新たに博多人形を取り扱うことになり、これを機に本ブログを再開することにします。

- 昨年末に九州の代表的な工芸品として博多人形を本ブログでご紹介しましたが、今日からしばらくは博多人形の歴史や現状を改めて再論してまいります。